One method of printing CMEDS reports to a SMB printer is described here.


[dalem@Marcus ~]$ telnet cmeds

Login and contact DaleEMoore@gMail.Com if you need login details.

[dalem@netserver /client/user/dalem]$ pushd /client/data901/americ
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ]$ mkdir 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ]$ cd 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ unzip -l ../
Archive:  ../
 Length    Date    Time    Name
 ------    ----    ----    ----
    907  03-05-108  12:48   c05a.rpt
  28543  03-04-108  13:32   acm0305124925.1312
   4544  03-05-108  12:49
  24325  03-05-108  16:01   c05a.nei
 ------                    -------
  58319                    4 files

The Americlaims reports are stored in zip files.  All files are zipped by month, i.e.  The acmail files start with acm, the claims reviews end in .rpt.

[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ unzip ../
Archive:  ../
  inflating: c05a.rpt               
  inflating: acm0305124925.1312     
  inflating: c05a.nei               
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ ls
acm0305124925.1312  c05a.nei  c05a.rpt

[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ lpr -Pshp4 c05a.rpt
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ lpr -Pshp4 acm0305124925.1312
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ/1]$ cd ..
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ]$ rm -Rf 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ]$ exit
[dalem@Marcus ~]$ exit

Reports for 101

[cmeds@netserver /client/data901/americ]$ pushd /client/data101/americ
/client/data101/americ /client/data901/americ /client/data902/americ /client/user/cmeds
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ]$ ls
Americlaims.log  MSRsn.lst           acm0228.1311  sndameri.log
Cmeds.err     sndtrack.log
EMAIL.CUS        MSGrp.lst    acm0222134326.1311    zips/
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ]$ mkdir 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ]$ cd 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ/1]$ unzip ../
Archive:  ../
  inflating: c04a.rpt               
  inflating: acm0304161828.1311     
  inflating: c04a.nei               
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ/1]$ lpr -Pshp4 c04a.rpt
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ/1]$ lpr -Pshp4 acm0304161828.1311
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ/1]$ cd ..
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ]$ rm -Rf 1
[cmeds@netserver /client/data101/americ]$ exit
[dalem@Marcus ~]$ exit