Create a new Linux printer to print from CMEDS.
1) Plug printer into Linux PC; get Linux printing.
2) Share printer via SAMBA like //michelle/hp4 and //kidsmile/hplh2035
3) Use printer from windows; driver in lindac, my documents, downloads on kidsmileXP
4) Setup on CMEDS PC and in CMEDS software
    4.0) telnet cmeds as dalem, screen, su root
    4.1) pushd /var/spool/lpd; cp -R shp4 shp3025 and set permissions like shp4
        vi /var/spool/lpd/smbprintHP3025/.config
    4.2) vi /etc/printcap and setup shp3025 like shp4
    4.2.1) I don't know if this is needed
        cp /dev/shp4 /dev/shp3025; I think it's just a text file.
    4.3) cp /usr/bin/smbprint /usr/bin/smbprintHP3025 and fix it
    4.4) test smbprintHP3; pushd /client/user/dalem
        cat testFile | /usr/bin/smbprintHP3025 "\\\\kidsmile\\HPljP2035" PASSWORD -U root -N -P >> /tmp/smb-print.log; lpq
    4.5) add it to CMEDS
        /client/data902 then 801
        # mkdir old, cp printers.lst old
        vi printers.lst
5) Test from CMEDS; Login to CMEDS, 801 Maged, Select Printer (Or CTRL-Y later), 3, 2796, ENTER, END, F7, Y, END