Run to install FacetWin on a workstation. Once it's installed you setup a new UNIX application and run that FacetWin application.


With FacetWin installed on your workstation you can configure it for remote access to the CMEDS software.

  1. Get workstation IPA It will show just your current public IP Address like this: You will use it in item #2.5, below.
  2. Fix FacetWin File, Properties
    1. Connection Tab, Server is mrs.SpaceTechnology.Net
    2. Emulation Tab, Emulation is SCOANSI
    3. Emulation Tab, TERM Environment Variable is scoansi
    4. Advanced Tab, VTP Port Number - default 139 is 7013
    5. Advanced Tab, NAT IP Address is from item #1, above.


For diagnostic purposes a ssh and telnet browser client is available here.


If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) changes your IP Address after you've configured your NAT IP Address you will get an error message that looks like this:

cMeds Encryption Method Mismatch

To correct this problem, get your new current IP Address here then go into properties Advanced Tab and correct the NAT IP Address.