The Patient Account History

When you first access a patient’s Account History, you will see each posted transaction listed by item
number, CPT code, description, ICD-9 code, claim number or filing status, beginning date of service
("From"), provider ("Doc"), location ("Loc"), and total amount of charge. Each item has a transaction
number. Transactions not yet updated are listed on the screen with an asterisk (*) following the
item number.
The data displayed at the top of the screen above the detail includes the patient number and the billing
account number as one hyphenated "PT-ACT" number. The total balance shown is the combined total
of updated and un-updated transactions posted to this account. Today's posting is the sum of all un-
updated transactions. The number of the doctor, location, batch, update, and the date of service range
and date of posting range you have selected for viewing are also displayed on this screen.

Hot Keys in the Patient Account History

Within the history itself, you can press the letter
C - To access the patient's insurance claims.
Within the current claims box, you can press
A - to see all claims (even paid out)
F7 - To print a claim, a claim letter, or claim review.
Enter - To recalculate the claim balance and then see the claim review screen.
R – To access the claim review screen and have the transactions appear in
line item order. This causes the payments and adjustments to appear
immediately below the specific charge they are attached to.
Within the account history itself – not within the claim box, you can press
O -To view open (not completely paid off) items only. Press O again to see
the summary or balance-only view of each open item.
I - Access the patient's demographic Information screen.
P - Access the current policy data.
S - To see the Account Summary screen. Within the Summary screen you can
press the space bar one time to see the names and addresses associated with
the account.
V - To change the view of the detail transactions so that you can see the batch
number, ending service date and date of update.
F4 - To access the patient's billing accounts choices box. (For patients
with more than one billing account.)
F5 - To access the Account History Display Filters. This filter box enables you
to select a date range, provider, or location to view.
F7 - To print the currently selected account history. Note that there are several
formats to choose from. When your cursor is on line 9 in the Printed Account
History Options box, you can see 5 formats listed at the bottom of the screen.
F10- To add/edit/view the memo on any highlighted transaction or claim.
I think that a CTRL-Y will bring up the printer selection menu.