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"Build Your List by giving away products
for the Biggest Niche on the Web!"

Follow us into the World of

Social Marketing

Dear Fellow Marketer,

What is it that YouTube, Facebook and MySpace have in common? They are the most visited websites on the internet! That means millions of people are visiting these sites to interact with others of similar interest.

Some of them just want to communicate with their friends or make new friends, others want to use these platforms for marketing their products or business.

Those who try to use these Web 2.0 sites to propel their business efforts are often lost and don't know how to effectively start a successful social marketing campaign. They are all searching for just the right information they need on Web 2.0 and Social Marketing.

Well...Guess What?

Millions and millions of people are looking for help everyday. By joining our giveaway you can be there to nurture them with the free and valuable information provided by this event.

It's Time To Enter A Market Where Hungry Buyers
Are Already Waiting For You To Feed Them
With Your Products!

Let us enter this still new market together - a market that has never been touched by a Giveaway Event before.

You Are Cordially Invited To Join Us As A Member Of Our Event - and help us to provide those valuable products for those millions of people seeking to feed that hungry market.

You can add your free gift to the event and get sign-ups to your list in return. These signups are not like the average Giveaway Event signups... we target a totally different market that is already full of proven buyers.

This is a private invitation for you to join us as a contributor while we are in Pre-Launch.

You are welcome to add your gift to this event if you agree that every contributor needs to promote this event. If you do not intend to promote, then please don't signup.

Guido Nussbaum & Joseph Nykoluk

Our Goal is to get 10,000 Signups into this Giveaway!

Did you see the last events that we were involved in? They all got between 5000 and 10.000 signups... and we won't settle for less this time. So if you want to be part of something big then register below and become a part of our Team.

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